Joswha Klijn
Lil’ Joswha Klijn came into contact with reggae music in the late 1970’s and picked up the drumsticks. Together with Nico Siemons and other friends, they started the band ‘Guidance’. Around 1985 he played in different bands as ‘Tuwakka’, where he learned to know Ibo Jacob. They moved with the bassist to Trinity Studio, where they rehearsed with a Surinam reggae band. This resulted in the band ‘Mystic’ and later he started with a new band ‘Small Axe’. In 1999, Lil’ Joswha played as a drummer in the ‘Low Budgetarians’ where Coen van Leeuwen also came to play.

Coen van Leeuwen
Coen ‘Max Covale’ van Leeuwen, comes from Amsterdam. At the age of 6 he started playing violin and switched to trumpet. As a youth he was part of fanfare orchestras where he played baritone tuba and later as bass. In the late 80’s he changed from the fanfare to a bass guitar and his love for reggae began. In the 90’s he played in ‘The W8ers,’ the youngest ska band of The Netherlands. They played as support act for bands like ‘Badmanners’ and ‘The Beatbusters’. Many musical adventures and studio projects followed, such as ‘Dance Cleopatra’, ‘Screamin AbDubs’, ‘Longshot’, ‘Dubcreator & DEA’ and ‘Rohan Lee & the Recipe’. In addition, Coen plays trumpet and trombone at ‘Dub Creator’ whose music was released by the label of ‘King Shiloh’. In 2010 he founded the band Rude Walkin’ together with drummer ‘lil’ Joswha.

Bryan Tiggeman
Bryan ‘Irie Alien’ Tiggeman has descended on the earth in the 70’s and has been active as musician and singer in all different types of music. From hiphop to soul, from techno to trance and from house to drum to bass. Bryan was vocalist and songwriter for a successful rock band for more than 12 years. After the rock, the roots reggae came on his path once more and Bryan felt like he had come home. His musical ‘walk about’ gives him this own sound which is unique to Rude Walkin’ reggae.

Nico Siemons
Nico Siemons started music in the seventies, in his first band ‘Guidance’ where he played harmonica. A roots-reggae band with their own songs and covers of ‘Lee Perry’s -Black Ark Recordings’. Nico and drummer Joswha played together. Many years and bands later, in 2010, they met again and Joswha asked Nico to join his band ‘Rude Walkin’. Nico plays harmonica, tenor sax and sings backing vocals.

Marco Pannenborg
Marco ‘Panno’ Pannenborg started at the age of 9 when he got a broken guitar to fix up. He taught himself to play along with records and songs on the radio. For more than 10 years Marco was a guitarist in several pop and rock cover bands. When it was time for a new challenge, he went into the world of blues. Reggae always had a place in his heart and when he was asked to join Rude Walkin’, he grabbed this opportunity. Marco feels completely at home in the reggae and the ‘tribe’ of musicians that form Rude Walkin’.

Ibo Jacob
Ibo Jacob was born in Amsterdam. The first time he heard the heartbeat of Jamaica, he became addicted to reggae. At a young age he wrote poetry and soon became a lead singer, writer and guitarist in various reggae bands. Ibo released two cd’s ‘Dearest’ and ‘Water more than flour’ at the label ‘Zola & Zola’. He has developed himself into a gifted recording technician and multi-instrumentalist; Guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and trumpet. He played in bands like: ‘Illegals International’, ‘Tuwakka’, ‘Vibratie Fabriek’,’Blaka Rutu’, ‘Supa band’, ‘The Observers’, ‘Chossan Roots Band’, ‘Mystic’, ‘Tri Futu Dagu’, ‘Rumcola’, ‘Rude Rich & the Highnotes’, ‘Ibo & de Kr8’,’ Low Budgetarians’, ‘Uprising (007)’, ‘The Positive Connection’, ‘Skankin’ Monks’ and music projects like ‘Roots Automatic’, Patrick M. and Ethiopian musicians (Daggy, Kiddus, Abronet etc.

Jerry van Gonter
Jerry van Gonter was born in Amsterdam in 1967. His roots lie in Suriname and the Netherlands. Early 2000, he was inspired by Gregory Isaacs. Drawn into the reggae and playing keyboard, he also started making reggae on his computer. In 2006, Jerry released his first reggae project on my space called ‘Dubcitizens’. As a reggae keyboard player, he played in bands like ‘Red, Gold & Green’, ‘Hight Meditation’, who won the ‘Beneluxxl Reggae Contest’ in 2015. He played keys in ‘The Positive Connection’, ‘Skankin’ Monks’ and several projects with Ibo Jacob. In Rude Walkin’ Jerry “wants to continue making good reggae with a positive message”.

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